Sonoma and Napa Counties’ Anesthesiologists

Anesthesia & Analgesia Medical Group, Inc. is a medical group of more than 50 anesthesiologists providing anesthesia services to patients at medical facilities and hospitals throughout Sonoma and Napa Counties. AAMGi anesthesiologists specialize in relieving pain and providing medical care for patients before, during and after the surgery. Our physicians provide acute pain and anesthetic services in the hospitals, clinics, and surgery centers. AAMGi Critical Care physicians specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of the critically ill and injured patients in intensive care units (ICU), We strive to provide high quality care to all patients and build mutually beneficial relationships with the surgeons, medical staff, and administrators that we work with every day.


AAMGI provides acute and chronic pain management services in hospitals, clinics, and surgery centers throughout the northern San Francisco Bay Area.

Acute Pain Management

Acute pain is the normal, predicted physiologic reaction associated with surgery or procedure

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Ambulatory Anesthesia

Ambulatory anesthesia is designed to meet the needs of ambulatory surgery, so that you may go home soon after your operation.

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Anesthesia for Total Knee…

Our anesthesiologists use anesthesia techniques described below which have been developed and specifically tailored for a total knee replacement.

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We have a team of anesthesiologists dedicated to the preoperative, intraoperative, and postoperative care of patients undergoing heart surgery.

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Continuous Peripheral Ner…

Continuous peripheral nerve block (CPNB) techniques provide analgesia for a specific target location during a variety of surgeries.

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Geriatric Anesthesia

Elderly patients are also more likely to have conditions or diseases that must be closely monitored during surgery and when administering anesthesia.

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GI Anesthesia

The importance and usefulness of early detection in the prevention of colon cancer has made colonoscopy commonplace in modern medicine.

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Every woman experiences pain differently, especially during childbirth. There are many factors that contribute to the amount of pain you will feel during labor.

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Pediatric Care

If your child needs an operation requiring anesthesia, your anesthesiologist will do everything possible to ensure that your child remains safe and comfortable. He or she will constantly be regulating…

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Peripheral Nerve Blocks a…

Our goal is to help you through your operation safely and comfortably. Along with IV and oral medications for post-operative pain, there are various techniques used to numb the surgical…

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Transesophageal Echocardi…

TEE is a test performed to evaluate the overall health of your heart’s valves and chambers, determine the presence of many types of heart disease, and/or assess the effectiveness of…

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Trauma Care Anesthesia

Trauma services involve care for patients with acute injuries, both large and small, on an emergency basis. These injuries can result from a fall, accident or a fight and include…

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Work for AAMGi

Join our talented group of anesthesiologists and critical care physicians.

Our anesthesiologists and intensivists are among the most experienced and talented in the world.

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We strive to:

Provide fully integrated anesthesia and analgesic services to our patients.

Exceed expectations in quality of care of our patients, surgeons, proceduralists, hospital nursing staff and administration.

Maintain a corporate structure that attracts and retains the best anesthesiologists for the entirety of their professional career.

AAMGi core values

We are dedicated to service in our medical community. We are committed to ethical conduct in all our affairs. In order to facilitate such conduct, we have identified certain core values that are integral to our orientation, our actions and our relationships.

Integrity · Respect and Trust · Team Process · Cooperation and Collaboration · Open, Honest and Effective Communication · Flexibility – Support and Facilitation of Peer
Well-Being · Quality Improvement · Corporate Success