Our goal is to help you through your operation safely and comfortably. Along with IV and oral medications for post-operative pain, there are various techniques used to numb the surgical area for a few hours to days after the operation.

Our Anesthesiologists are specifically trained and highly experienced in using the latest ultrasound-guided techniques for safe placement of numbing medicine to relieve post-operative pain. Using an ultrasound machine to visualize the nerve to the surgical area, a local anesthetic (numbing medicine) is injected around the visualized nerve. This can last for up to 16-20 hours after the operation. If necessary, for longer lasting post-operative pain control, we can insert a small catheter (small tubing) into the area near the nerve beneath the skin that remains in place for a few days after the surgery. Through this small tube, local anesthetic (numbing medicine) is slowly injected providing numbing to the surgical area. This can greatly reduce the amount of pain felt post-operatively and, in combination with oral pain medication, greatly enhance recovery from your operation or procedure.